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On behalf of our esteemed partners, associates, and represented corporate affiliates: Welcome, and thank you, for your interest in Templar Investment Group, LLC.

Templar Investment Group is a private, capital and risk management firm, operating as both a supplementary business platform and direct service provider. For over 5 years, we have successfully managed accounts for firms in both the for- and non- profit sectors. Additionally, we continue to proudly serve the individual households of our target communities and have provided our partners with an average annual rate of return of 8.11% over the last 3 years*.

Templar Investment Group employs a data-driven approach to human, intellectual, and financial capital deployment in order to re-develop the core socio-economic infrastructure of communities with high growth opportunity. Simply put: our mission is to advance the interests of key minority-based institutions, and their primary stakeholders, through increased access to capital markets and implementation of evidence-based management practices. A core component to Templar’s operational model is a proprietary principal insulation algorithm that enables Templar to provide an added layer of investment security unmatched by our competitors.

As an early-stage firm operating under the guidelines of the Invest Georgia Exemption(IGE), our firm has restricted its 1st round, non-accredited investor offerings, to parties with in-state primary residence status. We encourage you to learn more about Templar and to contact us to determine if partnering with Templar is the best fit for your investment needs.


Brandon C. Cooke, PhD

Founder/Managing Partner of Templar Investment Group, LLC



Brandon Cooke, PhD – Managing Partner & Founder


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